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Modern Princess Collection

Today’s princesses are not the Cinderellas or Snow Whites found in fairytales. They are confident women with full diaries and fancy smartphones. They fly around the world, are receptive to new things and have an eye for trends. And "Modern Princess" is just like them: Imaginative, farsighted, spirited but gentle, distinguished, feminine, sophisticated and sensuous.

With vivacious but very elegant colour schemes, innovative quality development and functional product properties the Spring Collection captures the dreams and the needs of the “Modern Princess” of the new millennium.

Modern Princess Gallery

Gallery Modern Princess

Among the articles from the natural fibre sector are newly interpreted ornamentations created using remarkable embroidery techniques, sumptuous jacquard stripes, unusual ikat interpretations, and graphical elements like dots and stripes that jazz up the “colour blocking” theme. Exceptional fabrics from natural materials project a feeling of easy-going “savoirvivre”.